The Mom Balance

As I have told you in the past I am a mom of two boys and I do work full time. As almost every other working mom out there, I went through the pain and sadness of having to leave my boy in care. I did fine an excellent child care center where i could not be happier with their teachers.

As my boys have gotten older it has gotten a little bit harder with the whole Mom/Work/Life balance. There are days out there where I feel like I have no time and will not get everything done that needs to be done. With this also came a time sadness and frustration, thinking that you don’t have enough hours in the day. With this I decided to give myself a new routine. A routine that would manage my time better and the things I needed to do.

I first started with my mornings, by getting up a little bit earlier and giving me my time. I now get myself up, dressed, eat breakfast, watch a little morning news and have my morning tea. Once I am ready or almost ready I should say as there are always a few things that need to be done I then wake my boys. I get them ready, feed them breakfast and walk out the door.

Evenings can get a bit hectic but I have found that if I do a little bit everything night things get done. I feel when making dinner, I try to also make the kids lunches. I am already pulling out the food and cutting it up, why not cut up a few extra carrots and cucumbers for the next day. This way there is one mess to be made and one clean up at the end. Once dinner is done I wash the dishes and do a quick wipe down. Then the kids and I try and get the homework finished right away so we have some time to play.

Once I have put the boys to bed I try and find time to clean.This was the hardest part for me. Everyone always says give yourself 15 minuets its at the end of the day. That did not work for me as 15 minuets is just not enough time. What I have done is given myself a list of chores to do each day. For example Monday Vacuum, Tuesday Laundry, Wednesday dusting and so on. I do Leave my Sunday morning open for a good clean that go missed during the week. I have to say it is not the easiest but it is working right now.

Life of a working parent is not the easiest and if you didn’t get to cleaning up that mess don’t stress about it. There is always tomorrow. And yes you can think that playing with your kids can happen tomorrow, but remember there will be a day when your kids just may not want to play back.

Enjoy Life to the fullest


Mom Help!!! part 2

So my search continues to find a work from home position. I feel like this could be the hardest part and almost become a full time job.

Every time I feel like I turned a new leaf, it ends up being more like I took two steps back than tanking two steps forwards. I just need to keep the hunt going and again any help or ideas are always welcome.

This was more like a mini break to take my mind off of being discouraged. Now back to what feels like my part time job and what I hope in the long run will turn out to be my biggest success.

Thanks for listening and for all the help.



Mom Help!!!!

I am in need of some mom help. I have been working crazy hours and feel like work is taking over my life and really would like for it to setting down as to why i have been away so long. I am in need of some change and some family time.

My question is how did all of you working from home mommy’s and daddy’s get started?

Both of my kids will be in school full time as of September, and I will have the quite time to sit down any work. I know that working from home takes a lot of dedication and determination and that is something i have. I am looking for something that will have an ok income as I will still need to help pay for the bills. I also know that this could take some time as to why i am wanting to start now before they are both fully in school.

What are the best jobs out there for stay at home parents? And how did you find them. Was it at lot of looking on line. I could really use some help with this as I am a little lost on where i should start.

To give you a little background on me, I am currently working in a customer service position, that is order/data entry. I also have a lot of interaction with customer over the phone and enjoying talking to them. It really changes up your day talking to new people all the time.

I do like my role as a customer service representative and don’t mind staying in the field. I am also up for a change as learning new things is always a good idea to me and keeping the mind fresh and bright. I see some many scams out there for stay at home parents and don’t want to fall into one of their traps. If any one out there could be of any help i would love to hear what you have to say.

Thanks in advance!




Fearless Fathers


Growing up and even to this day I am type of girl that always calls my mother for everything. It could be the silliest question out there and I will still call and get her input. That commercial out there with the girls calling there moms asking stupid question about cooking and cleaning that is me.

I am also the girl that calls my father for everything, well not everything just the much bigger problems in life, as he would make fun of me for calling about stupid question.

When I had car problems my first call was to my father and he would come no matter where I was to check it out. When I have a problem at home and it is taking my husband a little to long to fix, I call my father and he will check it out. he doesn’t always fix it, more to not step on any toes but the man comes and lets me know the problem. Hey something I even feel I can fix it after he tells me what to do.

He is the man that I call when I feel the takes more than a phone call to be fixed. No matter where I am or what I need he will always find time to help me out and for that I am grateful. I am grateful that I have the father who will not question my problems and will always time to help me out. He has a heart of gold and am so happy that not only I get to have the pleasure of having him as a father, my children get the pleasure of having an amazing grandfather. Today wish him a very happy fathers day.

To My Husband:

I would like wish him a very happy fathers day as he is an amazing father to our boys. They love him inside and out and he is their biggest hero! They are going to turn out to be amazing men because of him. He is an excellent teacher and role model for my boys to look up too. With the world we live in these days, what our children need are good men for them to look up too. To be able to see and hear positive and caring men could not be more beneficial to our youth and he is defiantly one of them. Happy Fathers day!

To all of you other Fearless, Loving Fathers out there I wish you a very happy fathers day!



Sleeping Boys

How do you get your kids to sleep in?


This is one of my toughest motherhood challenges. For sum strange and crazy reason my two boys feel the need to be up at 6am on the weekends. Monday to Friday when I need them up at 6:30am for school/work it is a struggle. Come Saturday and Sunday waking up is no problem at all and they are up and ready to go. Why?,  is the questions I ask myself every time.

Why cant parenting be a little easier. when you are in a rush, nothing goes the way it was intended too and when you plan to sleep in (I’m talking a 7am sleep in) it never falls in your favor. I feel a parent will never win!Sleep-and-Baby-Quotes-4.jpg

I did come up with a new rule and it was working for a bit. I put a clock in the boys room and told them that they can get up but they are to have to stay in their room until the clocks very first number is a 7. It working great for a few weekends (the first two), until they would fight over a toy or book and need me or my husband to settle the argument. Now with our trailer they are always up as the room are so very small they cant really play in there. What is a parent to do! Guess it just time to get up and enjoy the day.

If you have any tricks for keeping your kids in bed I would love to hear it!




First Couple of Weekends Away

Summer homes can be absolutely amazing and I could not be happier with our purchase.

We have spent a couple of weekend away now at the new trailer and my boys could not be happier. They wake up every morning asking when we are heading to the trailer and have a count down going. To see the look of joy on their faces make this place so much more enjoyable.2016-05-22-11.09.35-1.jpg.jpeg


The past couple of weekends have been more work than play, as we have been cleaning and setting everything up and my boys still don’t mind it one bit. As my husband and I clean the boys fish away, play in their little pool and run around trying to catch bullfrogs. One of their favorite things to do right now.img1464713494614.jpg

This place is more than we could have asked for. Very friendly & family oriented, tons of kids to play with and  so much space to run around.

Can wait to spend more weekends away and the best part is that my kids are outside playing from sum up till sun down. No TV time is the best time.





Summer Sneakers

Looking for new pair of summer sneakers is never easy, and as summer quickly approaches I am in need of some cute casual shoes.

Below are a few I have found and wanted to share. Having a hard time deciding on witch ones to go with.



Blue; Lildevil Slip-On Sneakers $49.99 (Currently on Sale)

White; Suzieque Slip-On Sneakers $79.99




Black & Grey; $24.00



Striped; Seacoast Multi Stripe Sneaker $65.00

Yellow; Seaside Perforated Sneaker $75.00



Summer Home

My husband and I have just purchased our first summer home and are very excited. We purchased a trailer at a park in eastern Ontario, about 2 hour drive east of Toronto. It so nice to know our family now has a new place to enjoy our summer weekend.



I grew up having a cottage and they were one of the best times of my childhood. Always getting to be outside exploring our surrounding, splashing in the lake and just having fun with friends. There was not a care in the world. It was the time when, as a kid you got to enjoy because you didn’t have a bed time and your neighbors were like family, walking in with out knocking was done by all.

The day my parents told me a couple of years back that we would be losing he cottage was a sad day in my books. I was sad because I just had my 2nd child and was thinking they were going to grow up with the same experience as I did. knowing that wasn’t happening was a little upsetting. My husband and I then decided that we need to try and find something that we could afford, that our children could enjoy. We then stumbled upon this trailer that was in our price range. A cottage was for sure out as we were not getting a second mortgage and this trailer fit perfect and we could not be happier. We now have a place for our boy to enjoy like I did growing up.

Always keep your options open as you never know what might come your way. I never though I would be spending my summers in a trailer and here I am going to enjoy every minute I get up there.

The weekend can come soon enough for our family!image





Friendly Wedges

I am a lover of shoes like most woman out there. From the highest heels to the cutest flats, I love them all!

My current go to shoes these days are wedges. I am a full time mom, with a full time job and still like to have some height. With Spring in the air and summer right around the corner wedges are the perfect shoe to give me the height I am looking for along with being comfortable and sturdy to stand and walk around in all day in.

I have purchased a couple of pairs that I am loving right now and did not break the bank. They are very comfy, I am able to last all day in and  can even do a little running in. Sometimes my life calls for me being a little faster than normal.

Wedge #1.


These pair I got from Walmart Canada and they are great, as they cover a lot of surface area when walking and to keep me grounded with each step. I love them for days where I’ll be walking a lot and feel I need a little more stability. They are also very stylish with the cute lace floral patter on them.

Wedge #2


This 2nd pair I got from Joe Fresh and I love them. They are a perfect blend of comfy and stylish. These two are a great pair to be wearing when you are going to be on your feet all day as they cove the ground surface and have a lot of support and these ones have the ankle straps to keep the shoe on.



I love these wedges and wanted to share. If you are in for a new pair of wedges try these ones out. you might like them just at much as I do.







To all the Mamma’s


Today is the day we celebrate all the lovely ladies that brought us into this world.

Thank you for all your hard work and sleepless nights, for those days that felt like they would never end and for all the love and support you gave us.

Without any of it we would not be the people we are today. We are who we are because of you and we thank you! image

As I am a mother, I now know how much hard work and determination goes into being a mom. The strength us mothers have is unbelievable. Who knew the body could run on one hour of sleep or less and Who knew that you could still love someone so much, even when they are screaming, pooping or vomiting on you.

The love that I have for my boys is unconditional and I will never not pushing them to be the best that they can be as I know they are amazing!